THE ABSOLUTE BEST way to hit your goals with our INTEGRATED planner that seamlessly melds together, work, life, and business. 


Create the vision, lay out the strategy with me, then work the plan, and monitor your progress. 

Your calendar, your to-do list, your inspiration—all in one place.

What if you could...

1. Build your vision

With a guided visualization meditation that transports you to your future which allows you to have deep space to reflect on your life as it is now, and everything you hope for it to be. You can't achieve your dreams if you don't have the north star of your vision guiding you - this helps you create your star!

2. Have Aligned Goals

Ever wonder why some people seem to achieve anything they set out to do and others don't? It is called aligned action - learning how to blend the critical mindset shifts with the strategic planning and tactical execution of goal setting will set your soul on fire!

3. Manifest your dream life

Everything you need to begin a regular practice of intention-setting and self-reflection, bringing you closer to a life filled with connection, joy and a deep sense of satisfaction every day.

Oh and did I mention .....

the Epic Strategic Planning MasterClass you get so you actually know how to use this planner to design your dream life!

Here's what is inside:

The Elevate Her Energy Planner is based on proven goal- setting and productivity techniques. It will help you discover motivation, prioritize to-dos and task, achieve work-life integration, crush short and long terms goals and most importantly feel amazing while doing it!

  • Build your vision with a guided visualization and meditation

  • Set your intentions

  • Map out yearly, quarterly and monthly goals

  • Weekly priority focus areas, daily reflection pages, space to journal, practice gratitude space to look back on achievements

  • The undated format makes it easy to start or stop at any time and includes a year at a glance view, quarterly calendar pages, 12 monthly calendar pages and 52 weekly pages for notes and schedule-keeping

  • A full strategic planning masterclass so you can learn how to use this tool effectively and efficiently!

Introducing your hype Woman

Ashley Marie

Ashley Marie(she/her) is the CEO of Ashley Marie

Coaching, a career development, and personal

growth company and the hype woman everyone

wants in their corner. She is a smartly disruptive thought leader changing the consciousness conversation in corporate organizations and her approach
when working one on one with clients has been described as "the loving and radically honest person you need to actually get out of your own way".

Ashley has a no-nonsense and practical approach

blending strategic insights, quantum physics, and

metacognition to provide a transformation that is

the foundation for personal and professional

growth for individuals and organizations.

Don't make any more excuses - it's time to change your life!

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